Fleas are a type of parasitic bug!

Fleas are a type of parasitic bug, and they rely on the blood meal from the host. Adult Fleas are small and have a wingspan of 2.5 mm long.

This insect becomes a big problem in our home as they rely on feeding via the host blood.

The bodies of this insects are thin and flat, providing for smooth movement through an animal’s fur.  Adults have mouthparts that used to suck the host’s blood.

Fleas are visible moving in infected pet’s fur. The reddened skin may note Their presence.

Fleas lay 4 to 8 eggs after a meal, with the most significant concentrations of egg-laying happening within the last time of the female’s life. Contrary the eggs of some other parasites, flea eggs are nonsticky and usually fall to the ground shortly upon being laid.  Eggs hatch into newborns within one to 12 days.

Flea larvae are  3 to 5.2 mm long and are somewhat white in look. This larval stage lasts from four to 18 days, after which worms spin silken cocoons and enter the pupal stage. The pupal stage is of three days, or it can take one whole year.

Adult fleas begin searching for food when they develop from the pupal stage. While these are insects are noted for their jumping abilities, they will remain stationary when a suitable host found. Females begin laying eggs in 48 hours of the first feed.

Cold conditions cause eggs to perish earlier hatching. Humidity below 45 percent will kill larvae.

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